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Welcome to JLB Online

The New York University Journal of Law and Business has published commentary by scholars and professionals at the intersection of law and business since 2005. Over the years, we have strived to deliver thought-provoking articles from diverse viewpoints. Today, we are proud to announce our journal’s latest initiative: JLB Online.

What is JLB Online?

JLB Online is an effort to provide easily digestible commentary on important business and legal issues. Expect short posts (500-1000 words) on current events, court decisions, major deals and more.

Who writes for JLB Online?

In addition to a diverse group of law professors and legal professionals, JLB Online enjoys contributions from our group of “Graduate Editors”. Graduate Editors are current LLM students at NYU Law. Many of our Graduate Editors have legal experience in the United States and abroad.

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The JLB Online Team

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