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New York University Journal of Law & Business (NYU JLB) is one of NYU School of Law’s most innovative academic journals, providing a forum for dialogue and analysis of current issues, ideas, and problems at the intersection of two dynamic fields: law and business. The Journal aims to contribute to academic scholarship, as well as the professional development of its readership, through the publication of pieces by both academics and practitioners. 


NYU JLB explores a number of general areas, including: bankruptcy and restructuring; capital markets and securities; corporate law and governance; foreign and international business law; hedge funds and private equity; and tax. In addition to publishing the journal, NYU JLB hosts annual symposiums on contemporary topics that highlight the interrelationship of law and business.

We invite legal and business professionals to contribute to NYU JLB’s development by submitting an article or practitioner note, by making a panel presentation at a JLB-sponsored event, or by contacting our Editor-in-Chief with suggestions about how to improve our mission.

Unless otherwise noted, all articles © 2005-2023 NYU Journal of Law & Business. All rights reserved.

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