Proceedings of the 2012 Annual Symposium: Corporate Governance in the Global Marketplace: New Players, Cross-Border Investing, and Corporate Crime

Panel 1: Players in New Capital Markets
Moderator: Simon Lorne
Panelists: Sophia Lee, Roy Smith, Annemarie Tierney, Roberta Karmel
Panel 2: Corporate Governance in a Global Context
Moderator: Helen Scott
Panelists: John Suydam, Melissa Sawyer, Karen Brenner, Laura Unger
Panel 3: The FCPA and the UK Bribery Act
Moderator: Kevin Davis
Panelists: David Raskin, Sara Moss, Lee Dunst, Karen Patton Seymour

Academic Articles

The Path of Corporate Fiduciary Law
David Kershaw
The Value of Control: Implications for Control Premiums, Minority Discounts and Voting Share Differentials
Aswath Damodaran

Practitioner Notes

Is Privity Dead? Should It Be?
David F. Tavella

Student Notes

Was GM a Municipality? Chapter 9 of the Bankruptcy Code and the Definitional Limit of “Government Instrumentality”
Paul Mignano
Corporate Citizens Unite!: The Case for Shareholder Voting Reformation   
Moshe Schwartz