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Litigation Funding: The Basics & Beyond


Panel 1: Litigation Funding Basics

Moderator: Selvyn Seidel
Panelists: Timothy Scrantom, Alan Zimmerman,

Lee Drucker, John Desmarais, Radek Goral

Panel 2: Types of Litigation Funding

Moderator: Geoffrey Miller
Panelists: Maya Steinitz, Joshua Schwadron,

Bradley Wendel, Michael Faure, Jef De Mot,

Travis Lenkner

Panel 3: Litigation Funding as a Tool for Collective Actions and Arbitrations
Moderator: Samuel Issacharoff
Panelists: Brian Fitzpatrick, Catherine Piche,

Anthony Sebok, Thomas Coyle

Panel 4: Litigation Funding and the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure
Moderator: Arthur Miller
Panelists: Stephen Gillers, Michael Fishbein, 

Elizabeth Chamblee Burch, Maria Glover,

Victoria Shannon Sahani




Economics and the Evolution of Non-party Litigation Funding in America: How Court Decisions, the Civil Justice Process, and Law Firm Structures Drive the Increasing Need and Demand for Capital

Alan L. Zimmerman, Fiona Mckenna, Daniel J. Bush, & Cheryl Kaufman

A Financial Perspective on Commercial Litigation Finance
Lee Drucker 

The Color of Money: A Story of One Complex Case and Its Many Financiers
Radek Goral 

Why Justice for Litigation Financiers is Justice for All
Joshua Schwadron 

Litigation Trolls
W. Bradley Wendel 

Third-Party Financing and Litigation Expenditures

Jef De Mot & Michael G. Faure

Public Financiers as Overseers of Class Proceedings
Dr. Catherine Piche, Prof.


Private Dollars for Public Litigation: An Introduction

Anthony J. Sebok

Aggregating Consumer Arbitration Claims After Italian Colors Through Litigation Finance and Securitization of Legal Claims
Tom Coyle

Financing Issue Classes: Benefits and Barriers to Third-Party Funding

Elizabeth Chamblee Burch

Alternative Litigation Finance and the Limits of the Work-Product Doctrine
J. Maria Glover

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