Academic Articles

CDO Ratings and Systemic Instability: Causes and Cure
John Crawford
The Performance Disclosures of Credit Rating Agencies: Are They Effective Reputational Sanctions?
Lynn Bai
Financial Reform and the Subsidization of Sophisticated Investors’ Ignorance in Securitization Markets
Robert A. Brown

Practitioner Notes

Dodd-Frank: Derivatives as Credit Extensions of Banks
Bradley K. Sabel, Gregg L. Rozansky
(Mis)Judging Intent: The Fundamental Attribution Error in Federal Securities Law
Victor D. Quintanilla
The Foreign Corrupt Practices Act in Merger and Acquisition Transactions: Successor Liability and Its Consequences
Daniel J. Grimm

Student Notes

Duty to Creditors in Insolvency and the Zone of Insolvency: Delaware and the Alternatives
Neil Ruben
“It’s All Just a Little Bit of History Repeating:” An Examination of the Chrysler and GM Bankruptcies and Their Implications for Future Chapter 11 Reorganizations
Benjamin A. Berringer
Textron: The False Choice Between Financial Transparency and Litigant Confidentiality 
Chris Jung