Proceedings of the 2010 Annual Symposium: Legal Aftershocks of the Global Financial Crisis

Editor’s Note
Panel 1: Corporate Governance After the Financial Crisis
Moderator: William T. Allen
Panelists: Carol Bowie, John C. Coates, Justice Jack B. Jacobs,
Vice Chancellor Stephen P. Lamb, Theodore N. Mirvis
Panel 2: Financial Regulatory Reform – Prospects and Perspectives
Moderator: Geoffrey P. Miller
Panelists: John C. Coffee, H. Rodgin Cohen, Joyce E. Hansen,
Annette L. Nazareth, Bradley K. Sabel
Panel 3: Bankruptcy & Restructuring of Financial Institutions
Moderator: Barry E. Adler
Panelists: William A. Ackman, Marcia L. Goldstein, Hon. Arthur J. Gonzalez,
Michael H. Krimminger, Edward R. Morrison

Academic Articles

Why Stock Options Are the Best Form of Executive Compensation (And How to Make Them Even Better)
Richard A. Booth  [bio]
The Collapsing Jurisdictional Boundaries of the Antifraud Provisions of the U.S. Securities Laws: The Supreme Court and Congress Ready to Redress Forty Years of Ambiguity
Daniel S. Kahn 

Practitioner Notes

Recent Key Delaware Corporate and Commercial Decisions
Kevin F. Brady, Francis G.X. Pileggi 

Student Notes

Keeping “Fiduciary Outs” Out of Shareholder-Proposed Bylaws: An Analysis of CA, Inc. v. AFSCME
Sabrina Ursaner