Proceedings of the 2009 Annual Symposium: Modernizing the Financial Regulatory Structure
Chancellor William T. Allen, Steven L. Schwarcz 
Is Private Equity at a Turning Point
Roy C. Smith 

Academic Articles

The Opaque and the Under-regulated Hedge Fund Industry: Victim or Culprit in the Subprime Mortgage Crisis?
Barbra Crutchfield George, Lynn V. Dymally, Maria K. Boss 
Restoring Trust in Corporate America: Toward a Republican Theory of Corporate Legitimacy
Michael E. Murphy
Separation of Powers, Independent Agencies, and Financial Regulation: The Case of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act
Richard H. Pildes 
The Failure of Private Ordering and the Financial Crisis of 2008
Brian J.M. Quinn 
A License to Deceive: Enforcing Contractual Myths Despite Consumer Psychological Realities   [pdf]
Debra Pogrund Stark, Jessica M. Choplin 

Practitioner Notes

The Evolution of Judicial Review Under the Federal Arbitration Act
James E. Berger, Charlene Sun
The Future of Secondary Actor Liability Under Rule 10(B)-5 After Stoneridge Investment Partners, LLC v. Scientific-Atlanta, Inc.
James C. Dugan, Todd G. Cosenza
When the Corporate Luminary Becomes Seriously Ill: When is a Corporation Obligated to Disclose That Illness and Should the Securities Exchange Commisison Adopt a Rule Requiring Disclosure?
Allan Horwich 

Student Notes

Section 337 Proceedings Before the International Trade Commission: Antiquated Legislative Compromise or Model Forum for Patent Dispute Resolution?
Richard G. Allison
Corporate Governance Reform: How to Promote the Long-Term Health and Value of U.S. Corporations
Rebecca A. Crawford

Book Reviews

Assessing the Monetary Policy of Alan Greenspan’s Federal Reserve and its Part in the Production of Stock Market and Real Estate Bubbles
Jeremy Kimball