Academic Articles

Going Private: Three Doctrines Gones Astray 
Mary Siegel 

Practitioner Notes

Federal Antitrust Review of Generic Drug Mergers: A Proposal for a More Flexible Approach 
Steven K. Bernstein, Jeff L. White 
“Novel Issues” or a Return to Core Principles? Analyzing the Common Link Between the Delaware Chancery Court’s Recent Rulings in Option Backdating and Transactional Cases 
Mark Lebovitch, Laura Gundersheim 
Prospective Relief for Patent Infringement in a Post-EBay World
George M. Newcombe, Jeffrey E. Ostrow, Patrick E. King, Gabriel N. Rubin 
Delaware Law, Financial Theory and Investment Banking Valuation Practice 
R. Scott Widen 

Student Notes

Ripples in the Patent Pool: The Impact and Implications of the Evolving Essentiality Analysis
Michael A. Lavine
Strategic Choices in Merger Agreements: A Study of Decisions to Choose (and not to Choose) Law and Forum
Brian E. Price