Capital Offense: The SEC’s Continuing Failure to Address Small Business Financing Concerns
Stuart R. Cohn 
Gregory C. Yadley
Review Essay: Is the Market for CEOs Rational?
Charles M. Yablon
Modeling Securities Class Actions Outside the United States: The Role of Nonprofits in the Case of Taiwan
Yu-Hsin Lin 

Practitioner Notes

Massive, Unchecked Power by Design: The Unconstitutional Exercise of Executive Authority By the Public Company Accounting Oversight Board
Michael A. Carvin
Noel J. Francisco
Christian G. Vergonis 
The People’s Republic of China Enacts its First Comprehensive Antitrust Law: Trying to Predict the Unpredictable
Carl W. Hittinger 
John D. Huh 
New Law Heightens Scrutiny of Foreign Acquisitions of U.S. Companies
Robert S. LaRussa 
Lisa Raisner
Thomas B. Wilner
The Future of Resale Price Maintenance, Now That Doctor Miles is Dead
Thomas B. Leary 
Erica S. Mintzer 
Weyerhaeuser’s Implications for Future Antitrust Disputes
Nickolai G. Levin

Student Notes

Stoneridge and the Short-Lived Experiment of Scheme Liability
Eric Berry