Are Underwriters Essential? Empirical Evidence on Non Book-Built Offerings
Anita Anand 
Lewis Johnson
The Chameleon Effect: Beyond the Bonding Hypothesis for Cross-listed Securities
Cally Jordan 
“Cost-based” and “Rules-based” Regulatory Competition: Markets for Corporate Charters in the U.S. and in the E.U.
Marco Ventoruzzo

Practitioners Notes

Sharper and Brighter: Focusing on Sanctions at the New York Stock Exchange
Susan L. Merrill
Matthew L. Moore
Allen D. Boyer
The Fault Allocation Provisions of the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995 – A Roadmap for Litigants and Courts
Judge Amy J. St. Eve
Bryce C. Pilz
Private Equity Groups Under Common Legal Control Constitute a Single Enterprise Under the Antitrust Laws
Harry S. Davis 
Michael E. Swartz 
Matthew S. Wild 
Regulatory Competition in International Capital Markets: Evidence from China in 2004-2005
Erica Fung 

Student Notes

The Livedoor Looking Glass: Examining the Limits of Hostile Takeover Bids in Japan
Cristina Alger
Microloans as a Community Reinvestment Act Compliance Strategy
Emily Berkman