Regulations NMS: Has the SEC Exceeded Its Congressional Mandate to Facilitate a National Market System in Securities Trading?
Dale A. Oesterle 
Set it and Forget it? Marked Power and the Consequences of Premature Deregulation in Telecommunications Markets
George S. Ford
Lawrence J Spiwak 


Cordell Hull, the Reciprocal Trade Agreements Act & the WTO
Kenneth Dam 

Practitioner Notes

Asher to Asher and Dust to Dust: The Demise of the PSLRA Safe Harbor?
Joseph De Simone
Matthew D. Ingber 
Evan A. Creutz 
Testing the Limits of the Chapter 11 Transfer Tax Exemption: In Search of the Meaning of “Under a Plan Confirmed”
Paul D. Leake
Mark G. Douglas 
FCC Gives Teeth to the CAN-SPAN Act of 2003
Edwin N. Lavergne 
French Judgment Condemning AOL Illustrates EU Consumer Protection Issues Facing U.S. Business Operating in Europe
David Naylor 
Cyril Ritter 

Student Notes

Hot Under the White Collar: What the Rollercoaster in Sentencing Law From Blakely to Booker Will Mean to Corporate Offenders
Isaac M. Gradman
Emerging Communications and the Resume Approach to Bad Faith Claims
Gregory Perry