Annual Symposia

The Journal‘s flagship event is our Annual Symposium in the spring semester.  Each year we choose a prescient topic at the intersection of law and business and invites speakers from all over the country and the world to speak.  Our Annual Symposia are among the best-attended academic events on campus, and JLB is proud to have carried on this tradition for nine consecutive years.

2016 Symposium: Mission Possible: Developments in Social Enterprise and Impact Investing

2015 Symposium: The Changing Relationship Between Shareholders and Corporations:
The Responsibilities of Separation of Ownership

2014 Symposium: Developments in Domestic & International Financial Regulation

2013 Symposium: Developments in the Law of International Project Finance

2012 Symposium: Corporate Governance in the Global Marketplace

2011 Symposium: Regulatory Reform and the Future of the U.S. Financial System

2010 Symposium: Legal Aftershocks of the Global Financial Crisis

2009 Symposium: Modernizing the Financial Regulatory Structure

2008 Symposium: Contemporary Issues in Private Equity after the Credit Crunch

2007 Symposium: Current Issues in Executive Compensation