1L Applicants

JLB LogoThe NYU Journal of Law & Business (“JLB”) was founded in 2004 to give our members opportunities in and exposure to the fields of law and business. Our practical approach to legal writing and greater contact with practicing attorneys offer unique ways to prepare for leadership roles during and after law school.


The NYU Journal of Law & Business is one of NYU School of Law’s most innovative academic journals, providing a forum for dialogue and analysis of current issues and problems at the intersection of two dynamic fields: law and business. The Journal aims to contribute to academic scholarship–as well as the professional development of its readership–through the publication of pieces by academics, practitioners, and students. Each year we hold symposia and conferences on contemporary topics that highlight the intersection between law and business, including:

  • 2015 Spring Symposium – The Changing Relationship Between Shareholders and Corporations: The Responsibilities of Separation of Ownership
  • 2014 Fall Conference – The Future and Viability of Crowdfunding
  • 2014 Special Spring Symposium – Tax and Corporate Social Responsibility
  • 2014 Spring Symposium – Developments in Domestic and International Financial Regulation
  • 2013 Fall Conference – The Future of Fannie and Freddie
  • 2013 Spring Symposium – Developments in the Law of International Project Finance


The Journal has extensive contacts in the greater law and business community who are committed to the future of the Journal and serve as active members on our Professional Advisory Board. Members of the Board include general counsel of several corporations, partners at major law firms, and government officials. We utilize the members of the Board to provide opportunities for students to network and engage with some of the profession’s greatest minds through seminars, luncheons, and other events.


  • Flexibility: We are a young journal where you can make an impact as a Staff Editor, and we have plenty of opportunities for taking on leadership positions.
  • Innovation: In addition to traditional academic pieces, we publish high-quality essays and shorter articles by legal practitioners. These practitioner pieces are a benchmark of our success.
  • Networking: As a practitioner-oriented journal, we will provide you with several opportunities to network within the business and legal communities and learn from top lawyers and JLB alumni.
  • Visibility: Our Spring Symposium and Fall Panel highlight current topics in corporate law and are attended by members of the broader law and business community. Staff Editors play a crucial role in organizing and developing these events and can interact with industry leaders in the process.
  • Collaboration: JLB interacts with the NYU Law and Business Initiative, Mitchell Jacobson Leadership Program in Law and Business, JD/MBA Association, and the Law & Business Association. Throughout the year, we also collaborate with other student groups both at the law school and at NYU Stern School of Business.


  • Edit around six articles per semester and work together within their group division.
  • Participate in special committees (e.g., Symposium Committee, Production Committee, etc.), allowing them to play a serious role in the aspects of the Journal that interest them most.
  • Perform three consecutive hours of Office Hours per assignment.  In the Fall semester, the hours are to be performed at the office, and in the Spring semester, Staff Editors may elect to perform the hours remotely.  In general, assignment periods last two weeks.  Staff Editors can choose when during the assignment period to complete their Office Hours.
  • Work with practicing attorneys through editing practitioner pieces, and organizing and networking at JLB events.


JLB only requires a one-year commitment.  Staff Editors are encouraged to contrinue their involvement on JLB in their 3L year as a member of the Executive or Managerial Board, or as an Articles or Notes Editor.  Students who participate in their 3L year will receive two credits for their position on the Board or one credit for their position as an Articles or Notes Editor.


  • Staff Editors can gain practical writing experience by writing Student Notes to be published in the Journal.
  • The Notes Program has approximately six participants each year. While everyone who writes a Student Note over the course of the year will have access to the Journal’s staff and resources, the Program is intended for those who are committed to completing a note by the middle of the spring semester. The goal of the Program is to provide thorough feedback and guidance on a regular basis.
  • Applications for the Notes Program will be due in September.

For more information, please contact:
Executive Editor (Student Notes): Adine R. Mitrani (arm668[at]nyu.edu)


In selecting Staff Editors, the Journal will focus largely on each applicant’s personal statement and résumé. Significant weight is also given to the quality of the Comment and Bluebooking exercise submitted for the Writing Competition. Finally, how highly applicants rank JLB is weighed very highly in our scoring rubric. When choosing Staff Editors, JLB is committed to maintaining a diverse group with varied backgrounds.

Please feel free to contact us for more information:
Editor-in-Chief: Rebecca D. Stacker (rebecca.stacker[at]law.nyu.edu)
Managing Editor (Membership): Carissa N. Ferrigno (cnf245[at]nyu.edu)