Now Online: JLB Volume 9, Number 1, Fall 2012

The NYU Journal of Law & Business is pleased to announce that Volume 9, Number 1 of the Journal is now posted online.  The articles, which are viewable in PDF form via the links below, are as follows:

Academic Articles

Rethinking Regulation and Innovation in the U.S. Legal Services Market
Ray Worthy Campbell
Essay: Sticky Seconds—The Problems Second Liens Pose to the Resolution of Distressed Mortgages
Vicki BeenHowell Jackson & Mark Willis
Microfinance Regulation and Supervision: A Multi-Faced Prism of Structures, Levels and Issues
Eugenia Macchiavello

Practitioner Notes

Honored in the Breach: Issues in the Regulation of Tender Offers for Debt Securities
Charles T. Haag & Zachary A. Keller
A Tale of Two Debtors: Lehman Brothers and the Availability of Equitable Subordination in the “Dueling Debtor” Context
Harrison L. Denman

Student Notes

Bankrupting the Inside Job: Alternatives to the Washington Mutual Approach to Policing Creditor Committee Insider Trading 
Matt Porcelli
Vertical vs. Core Search: Defining Google’s Market in a Mnonopolization Case
Brian J. Smith
Agreements as Contracts: Facilitating Socially Desirable Transactions Using the Doctrines of Injunction, Disgorgement and Tortious Interference
Yu Yamazaki